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Hing Kong

In my intimate photo series, HING KONG" I capture a beautiful moment where three swimmers, clad in all-red swimsuits, find themselves standing together on a cluster of rocks in the midst of the ocean. Despite being strangers moments before, their shared presence exudes a powerful sense of support and camaraderie.


The stark contrast of their attire against the backdrop of the sea and sky lends a sense of drama and focus to the scene. Each swimmer's stance on the rugged rocks symbolizes resilience and unity, as they lean on each other both physically and metaphorically.


Through my lens, I freeze these fleeting moments of connection and mutual care. Their gestures and expressions speak volumes about human empathy and solidarity, transcending individuality to form a harmonious bond in an unexpected setting.


This series captures not just a visual tableau but a narrative of compassion and shared humanity, reminding us of the profound ways strangers can come together, united by a common experience and a willingness to support one another amidst the unpredictable waves of life

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