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In these challenging times, art serves as a powerful beacon of hope and understanding. I'm Tom Bartov, a documentary art photographer from Israel, dedicated to capturing the world's beauty and fostering positive change through my lens. I grew up in Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet - born to a Dutch mother and an Israeli father who devoted his life to working in the cowshed. Their hard work and dedication to community deeply inspired my journey as an artist. Despite recent hardships, my passion for highlighting the inherent beauty of our world remains steadfast. I invite you to explore my limited edition collection of Israel's essence - each photograph meticulously signed and numbered,

printed on high-quality cotton fine - art paper to endure the test of time. By investing in these artworks, you not only bring a piece of Israel's soul into your home but also contribute to a noble cause. 10% of every purchase supports families rebuilding their lives after recent challenges. Together, we can bridge distances, inspire unity, and restore hope.

Visit my gallery to discover these genuine artworks.

your support means the world to me.

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